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What do our customers say:

XXL JOBS shall always be interested in the collaborator\'s feedback, no matter if it concerns enterprises or persons recruited along the time. Here you shall find several opinions or you can share your impressions or suggestions regarding the manner in which we can improve the quality of services offered.

Marian Paun

I am very glad that I had the chance to get to Sweden and that I have actually succeeded in seeing a part of it. In Romania, it was very hard for me to find a job, although I have both a Bachelor\'s degree and a Master\'s degree. Employers were not impressed and so I decided to work abroad to earn more money, as compared to Romania. This is why I decided to come to Sweden. I have a friend who is working here for 2 years and he is very satisfied. I plucked up my courage and did it. I\'m not sorry at all because it turned out to be a very choice. I am here for 2 weeks and I am very pleased. Thank you, XXL Jobs for everything. I hope you can help as many people as you want.

Dragos Bucur

The first time when I applied for a job abroad I found it to be very complicated, but I was very much supported by members of XXL Jobs. And so, I found myself within a communicative and professional team, who assists me both in my professional activity and in my day to day life.
For those who want to work abroad, I highly recommend www.xxljobs.ro because I am sure that you will get all the support you need from its members.

Constantin Mihalache

I decided to leave the country. I did not know very much about what I had to do, but XXL Jobs made it seem very simple. I received the information that I needed and, shortly, I found a very good job for me. Moreover, I still keep in touch with the agency, which makes me feel more secure. I came here a month ago and I feel increasingly better. It might seem difficult to adapt to another life style, although it is fascinating and the experience is worth it. The people are great, they are willing to help, to make you understand what you don\'t know and to get to know you better. It is exactly how I hoped it would be. I am satisfied with my choice of coming here and I highly recommend to anyone willing to try: Come and see how beautiful life is here, in Sweden !