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Recruitment and employment agency for labor in the country and abroad, XXLJOBS - www.xxljobs.ro is created and managed by XXL Consulting AB, Sweden in collaboration with Romskandimpex SRL.
Brasov, str. Ciceu no. 1A,
Postal code 500251

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Recruitment and employment agency for labor at home and abroad

Romskandimpex Ltd is a recruitment company and job placement (permanent and temporary) abroad.With a 6-year activity in this area, SC Romskandimpex Ltd offers jobs in 41 areas, most commonly on areas:

Purchase / Logistics / Supply, AuPair / Babysitter / Housekeeping / Cleaning Services, Construction / Equipment / Facilities, machinery / equipment / Auto Mechanics and Service, Food, Petrochemical / Oil and Gas Processing Wood / PVC, Manufacturing, Repairs / Maintenance / Service Restaurant / Food Service / Catering, Sales / Sales / Trade, Sampling / Hostess, Secretary, Transport / Distribution / Warehousing, Tourism / Hotel Staff.

Romskandimpex Ltd address the following three categories: individuals who seek a job abroad, individuals who wish to recruit staff and legal persons (companies) who are looking for employees.

For the first category, XXLJOBS created the possibility of applying a CV by completing Form 1.XXLJOBS will process personal information respecting their privacy and security.Candidates will be informed by registering your resume in our database XXLJOBS by sending a confirmation message by email or telephone.

Services offered by XXLJOBS for the first category are the following: consulting skills to match the perfect job (XXLJOBS for this service will not charge any fee from the candidate), providing a labor contract, providing transport to the destination (our partners are prestigious companies Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and Italy), the insurance costs on wages, paying taxes to the State budget (pension, social insurance).Also XXLJOBS assumes the right to stay and work conditions of the candidate.

About Romskandimpex Ltd. is specialized in recruitment and placement of skilled labor abroad, the selection criteria are the following: 5-10 years old at least, knowledge of foreign languages ​​(depending on job level set), holding the license category B (for facilitating the movement candidate in the workplace).Romskandimpex Ltd. has built its business in the six years of existence, emphasizing professionalism, flexibility and services to European standards.We offer an open Europe in an open labor and desire to succeed and collaboration in all areas and we look forward to new ideas that we can reach us in presenting to you. Try just once and you will not regret it.XXL Consulting AB, Sweden in collaboration with Romskandimpex SRL Romania we will provide 24 in 24 hours. XXLJOBS match your ideal job skills.

Needed for submitting the following documents:
- Copies: ID, birth certificate, marriage certificate, driving license, attested prefesional acts of educational and professional qualifications, work book
- A certificate from the doctor