About us

We have started with the desire to provide more openness and flexibility, to provide employees that are forthcoming, willing to assert themselves and to collaborate in all foreign countries’ fields of activity.
The secret of XXL JOBS team consists of the experience gained both from tourism and transport activities which offered the chance to get in touch with Scandinavian and other countries values and standards, succeeded in bringing recruitment and selection services for employees, professionalism, competence and specific promptitude to European standards.

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Recruitment and employment agency for labor at home and abroad

Xxl team jobs

Ciprian Pascu

General Manager
004 0744 317 504
manager and founder of the company XXL Tours Romania, with higher knowledge in the field of tourism, recruitment and human resources, still dealing with coordination of all activities developed by XXL Romania Tours, including XXL Jobs, part of XXL Tours Romania.
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1. Because we offer quality services and a warm and friendly attitude.
2. Because we demonstrate a downright attitude regarding improving services that fit to our customer’s requirements and needs.
3. Because we are prompt, righteous and especially because we have a desire to improve and learn new things, together with our collaborators and employees.
4. Because we have experience in more than personnel recruitment and selection, namely offering a variety of services with various opportunities.
5. Because we offer full recruitment services.
6. Because we permanently invest in people for improving the quality of work.
7. Because we have struggled along the time and now we succeed according to European standards.
8. Because we are in continuous improvement.
9. Because, together with you, we will create a successful team.


Our mission is to permanently maintain a close and productive relationship with our collaborators, future employees, so that the main purpose shall be common to both parties, and namely, obtaining good results, performance and profit and achieving a set of goals.

Hence, in order to ensure that our customers achieve these objectives, we stand at their disposal for providing professional selection and recruitment services and by once more adapting these things to the customers\\\' requests and needs as to achieve all desired objectives, for obtaining a real and full analysis of current human resources (on the labour market).

We started from the human need for communication, the thirst for knowledge concerning new horizons, for travelling and we have maintained and transformed this need in a long term partnership for our customers, both regarding transport and tourism, and regarding the recruitment services for employment in Romania and abroad. By offering high quality services, our team has a dynamic and open attitude towards contributing to new opportunities in developing a career, a prolific collaboration on both sides or finding a job according to your expectations.

•In order to assure you that we offer the best services, we constantly analyze what your expectations and needs are.

• We want to serve as an example for all the people that we recruit and we have a wide experience in the field of human resources. While working with us you shall be working with a team of professionals, which are available for anything you need.

• Our team is oriented towards relationships and long term results which lead to a level of excellence regarding services offered.


• The fundament of our work and, implicitly, our customer and collaborators relations is based on solid ethical principles which imply trust, respect and honesty.